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Nady Ribbon Microphones

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Nady is a great example of a company that loves to step outside its comfort zone. Although they originally made waves by creating state-of-the-art wireless systems in the 1970s, they weren't content to sit on their achievements and they decided to branch out to see what else they could accomplish. The answer, as it turned out, was "a lot!" Today, Nady makes all kinds of different mics, including the Nady ribbon microphones you'll find in this section. And like everything else Nady makes, their ribbon mics are surprisingly affordable - so if you're an aspiring artist or studio engineer, this is the perfect place to find a high-quality mic that won't do a number on your wallet. Of course, if you're new to the profession, you may be wondering what a ribbon microphone even is, and what sets it apart from other varieties. It would take an incredibly technical article to explain all the details, but here's the gist... a ribbon mic uses a thin metal ribbon to pick up the sound waves vibrating in the air. This gives them a flatter response at high frequencies, and their main benefit is capturing tons of detail at that end of the spectrum, where other microphones may sound washed-out or brittle. The ribbon can also pick up sound hitting it from either side, which means these mics usually have a figure-8 pickup pattern that's perfect for recording conversations or two-player jam sessions. Nady's flagship ribbon mic is the RSM-5 Ribbon Studio Microphone. It has a strong, low-tension ribbon that makes it very durable, so you can use it to record even high-volume and high-pressure sound. It's compact enough to set up virtually anywhere, especially since its machined housing has an internal shockmount system to reduce unwanted vibrations. The RSM-5 sounds great at the low and high ends alike, and it's a smart choice if you're looking for smooth, clear-sounding results. Plus, it's easy to fit into any budget, making professional sound quality more accessible than ever. The ribbon microphone is a design that dates all the way back to the 1920s, and there's a good reason why it's still around almost a century later. This type of mic is still among the most sought-after options when a clear high end is essential, and the bi-directional pickup pattern makes it very versatile. Today's ribbon mics are the best they've ever been, with decades of year-over-year improvements bring us to modern creations like the Nady ribbon microphones in this section. So if you want to see what you can do with one of the most legendary mic styles, you've found the ones to try out!