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When it comes to studio sessions and live gigs, no two sound setups are alike. Recording and amplifying vocals is a totally different task from guitars or bass, for example. And in some cases, one microphone isn't even enough to do the trick. If you're dealing with the kind of situation where multiple mics are essential, one of these Nady microphone packages could be the solution you need. In particular, Nady's bundles are focused on drum miking - which makes a lot of sense, because no other instrument demands as many microphones as a drum set, not to mention as many that are purpose-built to handle the unique acoustical character of that instrument. Making your choice in this section is easy enough: it just depends on the size of the setup you're working with. For instance, a smaller arrangement can get by handily with the Nady DMK3 3-Piece Drum Microphone Package. Since they're made with drums in mind, these mics can readily cope with high sound pressure levels. But they don't stop there - you can use the DMK3 set for all kinds of other instruments, from brass to woodwinds. They're surprisingly versatile, which makes them as well-suited to multi-instrument performers as they are to dedicated drummers. Got a bigger drum set or instrument layout to handle? In that case, step up to the Nady DMK-5 Drum Mic Package, or the DMK-7 for a range that's even wider than that. Like the DMK3 set, these bundles include a variety of microphones to handle your entire drum set, plus the adaptability to work with other instruments in a pinch. And they come packed in a protective carrying case, so getting them from one venue to another for your performances and recordings is a total breeze. How many microphones do you need? Three? Five? Seven? Whichever one is your answer, Nady microphone packages have you covered. They may be built with a percussion specialization, but they have the flexibility to work with just about any instrument. If you're looking for a dynamic set of microphones ready to do it all, you've come to the right place.