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Get your tone back with our unparalleled version of the '72 Wide Range humbucker. Mojotone offers an authentic reproduction of the '72 Wide Range humbucker that beautifully captures the sweet dynamics and touch sensitivity of the original Wide Range Humbucker.

Most are not aware of the differences between the original Wide Range humbucker from the '70s and the modern versions made today. The main difference is the magnet structure. The original '70s Wide Range humbucker used actual threaded magnets whereas the reissue version uses a bar magnet across the bottom. The result of the current production Wide Range humbuckers is a much darker sounding humbucker with less chime, focus, and clarity compared to the originals.

Product details
(Set of 2) ‘72 Wide Range Clone Humbuckers neck and bridge.
Signature offset 3x3 chrome covers
4 Conductor Leads
Handmade in the USA

-Neck: 9.8k
-Bridge: 10.7k
Mojotone '72 Clone Wide Range Humbucker Pickup Set

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  • Custom threaded magnets for vintage dynamics and clarity
  • Underwound neck pickup for better clarity and balance between neck and bridge positions
  • 4 Conductor leads for coil tapping, series/parallel wiring options
  • Authentic vintage Wide Range tone with more focus and touch sensitivity just like the originals
  • Original vintage size that fits reissue and original wide range humbucker routes with no modification

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