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Considered to be the Holy Grail of all vintage humbuckers, the Mojotone '59 "Patent Applied For" Clones are for the tone purist who want maximum clarity and articulation of the best P.A.F. examples ever heard from the '50s. These are authentic to every detail using butyrate bobbins, German nickel-silver long leg frames and covers, vintage spec plain enamel wire, cast alnico 4 bar magnets, rock maple spacers and vintage correct metal alloys.

Unlike any other reproduction P.A.F. of its class, the Mojotone ‘59 clone is built to have unparalleled dynamics in the upper frequency range, with exceptional bloom and lots of airy tone. The un-potted coils allow the entire pickup to resonate with the natural wood tone of the guitar. Mojotone meticulously wound each coil with their own pattern and offset to represent what is believed to be the best vintage P.A.F. examples out there.

Product details
(Set of 2) ‘59 Clone Clone Humbuckers neck and bridge.
Nickel covers
Vintage braided leads
Handmade in the USA

-Neck: 7.3k
-Bridge: 8k
Mojotone '59 Clone Humbucker Pickup Set

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