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The Mogami Platinum Guitar-20 premium cable delivers pristine sound quality and enhanced mobility. Featuring 1/4" Neutrik "Silent Play" connectors and a 20' length, the Platinum Guitar-20 is ideal for use with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and pedalboards. Mogami designed their Platinum series to provide extremely low noise, exceptional shielding and unparalleled flexibility—allowing you to dramatically improve your tone and increase your range of movement during performance.

Pristine, Transparent Sound

The Mogami Platinum Guitar-20 cable exhibits an extraordinary purity and astonishing level of detail. Engineered to extend high frequencies and capture the full dynamics of your playing, the Platinum Guitar-20 cable delivers all the emotion and nuance of your performance without loss, coloration or exaggeration. Designed to be completely transparent, the Platinum Guitar-20 cable maintains the natural tone of your instrument and effects. Whatever your style or instrument, the Platinum Guitar-20 is one of the finest instrument cables available.

Superior Noise Rejection and Flexibility

There are five major reasons why audio professionals rely on Mogami Platinum cables. First, they offer extremely low handling noise—allowing for quiet plugging and unplugging. At the same time, Platinum cables provide exceptional shielding to block radio frequency and electromagnetic interference noise. Despite their heavy-duty shielding, Platinum cables remain highly flexible and durable enough to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Premium Components for Premium Sound

To deliver pure tone, Mogami incorporated high-quality components including oxygen-free copper conductors, carbon-impregnated PVC insulation and a conductive polymer sub-shield. Platinum cables also feature Neutrik's SILENT instrument plugs which eliminate pops and squeals when connecting and disconnecting your guitar. With premium-grade materials and innovative engineering, the Platinum Guitar-20 cable gives you the clean, dynamic sound you need to elevate your performance.

Unmatched Reliability and Support

All Mogami Platinum cables are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Proudly supported by Mogami, the Platinum Guitar-20 cable provides you with an instrument cable you can trust for years of reliable use and exceptional tone. Experience what a Mogami Platinum cable can do for your sound—order the Platinum Guitar-20 today from Guitar Center.

Mogami Platinum Guitar Cable 12 ft.

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