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Marching Percussion Cases & Gig Bags

Playing in a marching band means being on the move - in more ways than one! Your biggest concern as a musician is probably the movement you do on the field, but from your instruments' perspective, the time between performances is just as important. That's because travelling is hard on an instrument, and to make sure your gear gets where it's going in good shape, it's crucial to pack it up in reliable marching percussion cases and gig bags. These protective shells have what it takes to handle the bumps and roughness of the bus and the car trunk - and they make your percussion instruments easier to carry, as well, so you won't be awkwardly fumbling for a handhold whenever you take them anywhere.

Most of the cases and gig bags in this section are designed specifically for travel and transportation, so they offer full-cover protection to defend your drums from whatever may come their way. Take the Humes & Berg Enduro Marching Tom Cases, the Premier Bass Drum Case and the Tama Marching Snare Drum Case for example: their tough outer shells can handle anything from accidental drops to banging up against other instrument cases in the luggage compartment under the bus. A case doesn't have to be just for instruments, either - the SKB Percussion / Mallet Case w/ Mallet Holsters and Trap Table is designed to hold accessories so they can cruise in style as well.

There is one unique type of case that's designed especially for marching percussion: rehearsal covers. You'll find a few of those here, including the Premier Rehearsal Cover for Snare Drum, Dynasty Multi Tom Cover and Yamaha Marching Bass Drum Cover. They cover the walls of the drum but not the head, and the reason is simple. These wraps are designed to be kept on your drum during practices, allowing you to play while protecting the shells from damage and muffling the sound so you won't drown in the echo even if you're rehearsing in a confined space. Strap one of these covers on during your next practice, and your ears will thank you for it.

Don't leave the protection of your instrument (or your hearing) to chance. With the enclosures and covers available in this selection of marching percussion cases and gig bags, you'll have no trouble keeping your drums in good condition between performances. Remember that they deserve a little bit of tender loving care even when you're not playing them - and the place to find that TLC is right here.