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Mapex's T700 premium drum throne is designed to provide drummers of all levels with premium comfort and customizable ergonomic support during even the longest practice or performance sessions. Featuring Mapex's innovative adjustable backrest, the T700 helps reduce strain on the lower back and neck, allowing drummers to maintain proper posture and technique. The throne's wide, double-braced tripod base and height-adjustment spindle provide a stable yet adaptable platform for any drummer.

Adjustable Backrest Offers Custom Lumbar Support

The T700's adjustable backrest allows drummers to customize the amount of lumbar support for their unique body type and playing style. Easily adjust the backrest to the perfect angle to reduce lower back strain, enabling drummers to stay comfortable during hours of playing. The backrest helps drummers maintain proper posture by providing support right where it's needed most.

Stable Tripod Base With Convenient Height Adjustment

The T700's sturdy tripod base provides a wide, slip-resistant stance for maximum stability on any surface. Its steel spindle allows drummers to quickly raise or lower the seat to their optimal height for proper technique and the most comfortable playing position. Securely locked at the desired height, the T700 offers a stable throne that won't shift or wobble during an intense drum solo or full performance.

Premium Foam Cushioning

High-density foam cushioning covers the T700's seat for superior comfort. The premium foam contours to a drummer's body, providing support in all the right places during long hours of playing. Its durable yet plush construction delivers a comfortable surface that maintains its shape through years of use.

Mapex T700 Premium Drum Throne Black

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  • Premium drum throne with backrest
  • Rounded, double-braced tripod legs
  • Steel spindle height adjustment prevents slippage
  • Backrest offers support and comfort without adding too much bulk