The MAPEX Saturn 5-piece Studioease shell pack features the popular maple/walnut Saturn wood formula, kitted out with upgrades to the look and sound. It starts by not fixing what isn’t broken—the exotic 7-ply hybrid shells, built at 6.15 mm thickness for the toms and 7.5 mm for the kick. But to heighten the beefy sound of this mixture, MAPEX has added their proprietary Air Flow Venting system, which gives the toms a comfortable "give" to their feel and extra resonance. These shells also have SONIClear bearing edges, which are rounded for more contact between wood and head. This makes the shortened depths on this studio kit sound bigger, while keeping the mic-friendly traits that draw players to this configuration. All these improvements are wrapped up in a fresh selection of lacquer finishes.

The Studioease includes two TH800 tom holders and 90-degree static floor tom legs. All other hardware, cymbals and snare are sold separately.

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