The new Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Warbird snare drum is an optimized version of the original Black Panther model, with the unique 12” diameter and 100% walnut shell. This updated version still has a sharp and aggressive attack, with an amazing bite. The new staggered lug design adds an enormously wide tuning range and the Puresound P1216 snare wires give unparalleled sensitivity, with a dark, punchy and explosive sound. It's great as an accent drum, but also makes an intriguing option as a main snare for drummers who want to experiment with quick backbeats.

This Warbird is fitted with Mapex's proprietary Sonic Saver hoops, a middle ground between triple-flange and die-cast. They’re made from steel that’s folded inward for a round shape instead of a flat flange. Sonic Savers control the tone for a drier sound than triple-flange, but they don’t deaden the drum the way die-cast hoops can. They also reduce wear on the drum and sticks. The result is a focused snare with clean, punchy rim shots every time.
  • 12" walnut snare drum from the Black Panther Design Lab
  • Sonic Saver hoops are rounded to combine the benefits of triple-flange and die-cast
  • Brushed black hardware and distinctive panther silhouette badge
  • Hoops, size and walnut shell combine for sharp attack and dark tone
  • Fitted with PureSound P1216 snare wires and Evans heads, including Power Center Reverse Dot batter
  • Snare size: 12x5.5"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Shell material: Walnut
  • Bearing edge: 45° rounded (batter) 35° rounded (snare side)
  • Hardware material: Steel
  • Hoop type: Reverse-flange
  • Hardware material: Black brushed
  • Snares: Steel, Branded
  • Heads: Branded
  • Finish type: Satin
Finish and hoops - one year warranty.
Hardware - 2 year warranty.
Shells - lifetime warranty.

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