The MXR Super Badass Dynamic O.D. effects pedal will give any rig as much extra bite as you need while preserving your existing tonal dynamics. With MOSFET clipping diodes under the hood, this pedal’s overdrive is a smooth purr that can be pulled back for a nice, clean boost or cranked into full gear for vintage high-gain grind. On the dashboard, a simple set of controls allows you to dial in the right sound for your setup. You can even feature your classic Output, Tone and Gain controls along with a Boost/Cut switch that lets you bump up the overall level with a little extra midrange or drop everything down a notch. This pedal sounds awesome on its own, and simply sublime when used to rev up a tube amp that’s just about to cross the line.
  • Add extra bite to any rig while preserving your tonal dynamics
  • MOSFET clipping diodes for smooth, purring overdrive
  • Shift gears from a nice, clean boost to vintage high-grain grind
  • Boost/Cut switch bumps the whole signal with a little extra midrange or drops everything down a notch
  • The ideal pedal for taking your warmed up tube amp over the finish line
  • Clipping diodes: MOSFET
  • Controls: Output, Tone, Gain and Boost/Cut switch
All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.