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The Meinl Handheld Guiro Tambourine with Double Row Steel Jingles adds rhythmic flair to your performance. This innovative tambourine features 14 pairs of nickel-plated stainless steel jingles and a textured guiro playing surface, unleashing a range of bright, shimmering sounds. Its ABS plastic construction is lightweight yet durable, ensuring this tambourine will withstand intense playing. Musicians will appreciate the padded grip, providing comfort and control. Whether you're a percussionist, guitarist, or singer-songwriter, the Meinl Tambourine is a dynamic and affordable addition to your musical arsenal.

Cutting Jingles Provide Penetrating Accents

The Meinl Tambourine's double row of stainless steel jingles produces crisp, metallic sounds that cut through the mix. Each jingle pair has a distinctive pitch, allowing you to create complex rhythms and rolls. Adjusting your grip and striking different parts of the tambourine head alters the tone and attack, providing a wide range of sounds from soft and muted to sharp and rattling. These highly resonant jingles inject energy and rhythm into any musical style from rock and pop to Latin and world music.

Textured Guiro Surface Adds Unique Effects

In addition to the stainless steel jingles, the Meinl Tambourine features a guiro-style playing surface with deep grooves. Running your finger along these grooves creates a raspy, scraping guiro effect. You can apply varying amounts of pressure and speed to produce different guiro sounds, from subtle accents to aggressive scrapes. This innovative hybrid design provides percussionists with an expanded sonic palette for crafting custom rhythms and exploring new sounds.

Ergonomic Design Promotes Playing Comfort

The Meinl Tambourine's high-impact ABS plastic construction is both durable and lightweight. Its padded grip fits comfortably in your hand, allowing extended playing with minimal fatigue. The 10" diameter tambourine head is ideal for a range of playing techniques from tapping and slapping to rolling and shaking. An adjustable strap also lets you free up your hands, keeping the tambourine secure but readily accessible.

MEINL Handheld Guiro Tambourine with Double Row Steel Jingles Black

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  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Guiro-style playing surface
  • Two rows of steel jingles
  • ABS plastic frame

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