La Bella

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The La Bella Pure Vintage electric guitar strings deliver the authentic tone of the 1950s and '60s to your instrument. Made from pure nickel and precision-wound in the USA, these light gauge strings produce a warm, balanced tone with rich overtones that defined the early days of rock and roll. You'll capture the legendary sound of your favorite vintage guitars as these strings break in and mellow with age. Built to vintage specs, the Pure Vintage set comes in gauges of .009, .011, .016, .024, .032 and .042. Whether you play a Tele, Strat or ES-335, these strings help you channel Hendrix, Clapton and Page. For any guitarist chasing that iconic vintage tone, the La Bella Pure Vintage electric guitar strings are a vital part of your setup.

La Bella Pure Vintage Electric Guitar Strings 11 - 50

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  • Pure nickel roundwound strings for vintage 1950s tone
  • Light tension .009-.042 gauges
  • Made in USA with American wire
  • Packaged using MAP technology ensures freshness

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