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Kolstein Double Bass Strings

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Like any stringed instrument, you need to give careful thought to your double bass's strings - after all, the double bass is a versatile instrument and certain strings are better for some genres than others. Thankfully, Kolstein offers double bass strings for every playing style - in fact, Kolstein has been in the stringed instrument business since 1943 and their double bass strings can be found in orchestral pits and swinging jazz clubs alike. Make no mistake, Kolstein double bass strings belong on the instrument of any serious performer.

As it was implied earlier, the right double bass strings for you will depend on the sound that best fits your musical application. For example, if you're a member of an ensemble and play with a bow, you'll want strings that deliver a soft, dark sound. Or, if you're in a jazz or rockabilly band and play with your fingers, you'll want to go with strings that are punchy and deliver top-notch sustain. One of Kolstein's most popular string sets is the VariCor Excel Orchestral Bass Strings. Available separately or as a set, these strings are meticulously crafted to exceed the expectations of even the most experienced double bassist.

Another Kolstein string here that's ideal for both jazz and orchestral playing is the Heritage Orchestra / Jazz Bass Strings: a multi-stranded Perlon synthetic core set that has amazing feel and tension. While these strings offer the best in jazz quality, they're also made to not roll under the bow, which is why they're so terrific for both styles. The Heritage Orchestral / Jazz Bass Strings are endorsed by many respected musicians in the double bass world, including Charnett Moffett, Nilson Matt and Phil Palombi - so you better believe you're in for a treat.

Every double bassist has their own preferences when it comes to strings, so if you're not still completely sure what to try here, it doesn't hurt to grab both. The great thing about Kolstein double bass strings is that you can always expect a high level of workmanship no matter what you choose, because their team is made up of musicians who enjoy playing as much as you do. Your role as a double bassist is important, and it's obvious that Kolstein is aware of this after you experience the feel and tone of their double bass strings.