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The Kemper Profiler Stage, a pioneering amp modeler and multi-effects processor that places a vast array of coveted amps, cabs and effects at your fingertips. With over 100 amp models—from sparkling cleans to high-gain leads—and 200 studio-grade effects, the Profiler Stage provides an unrivaled palette for crafting your signature sound. Its intuitive interface makes dialing in and saving presets a breeze, allowing you to focus on your performance. Whether recording, rehearsing or rocking the stage, the Profiler Stage is the ultimate all-in-one solution for guitarists seeking maximum creativity and control over their tone.

Over 100 Hyper-Realistic Amp Models

The Profiler Stage features over 100 amp models that capture the sonic essence of the world's most sought-after tube and solid-state amps with stunning realism. From shimmering cleans to blistering overdrives and everything in between, you'll have a lifetime's worth of inspiration at your fingertips. The Kemper Profiler Stage also lets you mix and match amps and cabs for unprecedented tone-blending possibilities.

200 Studio-Grade Effects in One Unit

With 200 customizable effects, the Profiler Stage houses everything you need to sculpt studio-quality guitar tracks. Choose from pristine delays, lush reverbs, classic modulation effects, distortion, overdrive, compression and more. You can run up to nine effects simultaneously and place them in any order you like using the intuitive signal chain interface. The possibilities for crafting unique effects combinations are nearly endless.

Simple Interface, Endless Creativity

Despite its vast tonal capabilities, the Profiler Stage features an interface designed for fast, frustration-free operation. Easily browse amps, cabs and effects using the touch-sensitive knobs and save your favorite presets for instant recall using the onboard memory banks. Connect the Profiler Stage to your computer via USB to use the companion editor app for an even deeper level of control and preset management. With its simple interface and powerful functionality, the Profiler Stage strikes the perfect balance of creativity and practicality.

Premium Components for Premium Tone

The Kemper Profiler Stage is built from high-grade components to produce the best possible tone and feel. It features a high-performance DSP engine, studio-grade converters for pristine sound quality, and footswitches and knobs designed for a satisfying user experience at every point of interaction. Road-ready and built to last, the Profiler Stage is the only amp modeler you'll ever need.

Kemper Profiler Stage Amp and Multi-Effects Processor
Kemper Profiler Stage Amp and Multi-Effects Processor
Kemper Profiler Stage Amp and Multi-Effects Processor

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  • Full Profiler and Remote functionality in a floorboard format
  • Full Profiler features
  • Two effects sends with stereo returns each
  • Drives two standard guitar or FR cabinets (external power amp needed)