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Kemper has crafted a breakthrough in guitar amplifier technology with the Profiler Rack. This rackmountable amp profiling system gives guitarists the power to capture and recreate the tone of any tube amplifier. Profiling technology analyzes the sonic characteristics of your favorite tube amp, allowing the Profiler Rack to faithfully emulate its sound and responsiveness.

Profiling Technology Provides Unparalleled Amp Emulation

At the heart of the Profiler Rack is Kemper's proprietary amp profiling technology. Connect your tube amp, microphone and guitar to the Profiler Rack, press start and it will capture your amp's tone with stunning realism. With the ability to store 1,000 custom profiles, you'll never run out of your favorite sounds.

Over 200 Factory Presets for Instant Gratification

Right out of the box, the Profiler Rack comes loaded with over 200 professionally crafted presets based on iconic amplifiers, giving you a huge range of tones at your fingertips. From classic Fender cleans to searing Mesa Boogie leads, you'll find inspiration for any genre or playing style.

The Perfect Link Between Stage and Studio

The Profiler Rack makes transitioning between live performance and studio recording seamless. Profile your studio amp while recording to instantly call up that tone for your next gig. With DI outputs, you can also capture a dry signal of your guitar while profiling your amp for re-amping later. For players and producers seeking ultimate tone control, the Profiler Rack delivers.

Loaded With Premium Effects and Total Control

In addition to flawless amp emulation, the Profiler Rack provides 30 different stompbox effects and a full-featured master section with reverb, delay and more. You have total control over your tone with individual module locks, multiple footswitching options and MIDI control. For the modern guitarist, the Profiler Rack is a dream come true.

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  • Play through a standard cab with CabDriver mode
  • Feed a full-range monitor system
  • Store 1000 amp profiles
  • 30 stompbox effects
  • Master delay and reverb

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