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Keeley Electronics - Compressor Plus - Full Band Demo


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The Compressor Plus from Keeley Electronics is a compressor pedal designed for players seeking a smooth and polished sustain. Packed with high-grade components, this pedal offers the precision of a studio rackmount compressor in a convenient stompbox format.

Smooth and Natural Sustain From Precision JFET Circuitry

At the heart of the Compressor Plus is Keeley's expertly crafted JFET compressor circuit which provides a natural, blooming sustain. Release times are tuned for single coils and humbuckers, ensuring your guitar retains articulation and definition. From plucking Telecasters to shredding Les Pauls, the Compressor Plus delivers lush sustain without dulling your tone.

Transparent Tone Shaping With Blend and Tone Controls

The Compressor Plus offers unparalleled tone-shaping options for a compressor. Its Blend control allows you to blend in your dry signal, achieving a dynamic yet full tone. The Tone control emphasizes sensitive high harmonics lost in compression, allowing you to recover shimmering highs. From a subtle polish to an ambient wash, the Blend and Tone controls provide transparent tone shaping.

Simplified Setup With Humbucker/Single-Coil Switch

The Compressor Plus features a humbucker/single-coil switch for fast setup—no more guessing attack and release times. Humbuckers receive a quick release, retaining punch and dynamics. Single coils get a slower release for chime and articulation. Whether switching guitars mid-set or stacking with drive pedals, the humbucker/single-coil switch ensures your compressor is optimized for any guitar.

Essential for Looping, Ambient Playing and Pushing Amps

The Compressor Plus is ideal for looping, ambient playing and pushing amps. Its extended sustain and transparent compression help create balanced loops and ethereal soundscapes. Use it to create a wall of fuzzed-out tone or as an always-on tone enhancer. For the best amp boost, nothing rivals the Compressor Plus.

Keeley Compressor Plus Effects Pedal
Keeley Compressor Plus Effects Pedal

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  • Rackmount JFET compression in a compact pedal
  • Sustain, Level, Blend, Tone and Attack/Release controls
  • True bypass
  • Made in the USA

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