The Kali Audio LP-6 V2 is a 6.5" studio monitor designed to deliver transparent sound for creators working across genres and formats at a price that puts it within anyone's reach. An advanced waveguide, a large voice coil and precision tuning make the sound extraordinarily transparent, while the oversized low-frequency magnet and low-noise port tube deliver powerful, clean bass response. To make it easy to integrate into your setup, the speaker is self-powered and has a variety of inputs.

The DSP on the LP-6 V2 features Boundary EQ settings that optimize the speaker's response for where it's placed in your listening space. The 2nd version is an improved amplifier platform that offers lower noise, higher sensitivity, and smoother high-frequency response. The Boundary EQ settings have been updated based on user feedback, and the low-frequency driver cone has less mass for more consistent response.
  • 3D imaging waveguide
  • 1.5" voice coil
  • Low-noise port tube
  • Boundary EQ
  • XLR, TRS and RCA outputs
  • Amplifier Class: D
  • Power Configuration: Bi-Amped
  • LF Power: 40W
  • HF Power: 40W
  • Total Power: 80W
  • LF Driver: 6.5" Woofer
  • HF Driver: 1" Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: (-10dB) 39Hz–25kHz
  • Frequency Range: (±3dB) 45Hz–21kHz
  • Crossover: 1.3kHz
  • SPL: 85dB Continuous at 2.2 meters with 20dB Headroom
  • Max SPL: 112dB
  • Inputs
    • 1 x TRS
    • 1 x XLR
    • 1 x RCA
    • TRS/XLR Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu
    • RCA Input Sensitivity: -10 dBV
    • HF Trim: -2dB, ±0dB, +2dB
    • LF Trim: -2dB, ±0dB, +2dB

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