The volca sample 2 is a compact and powerful sample-based drum machine that captures your attention and creativity. With more memory, features and connectivity, this next-gen sequencer from Korg takes your beatmaking further.

The volca sample 2 retains all the features that made the original so popular. Updated features include an added micro USB port for better connectivity, increased sample memory, and additional functions for an improved workflow.

USB for Faster Sample Management and Better Connectivity
The micro USB port added to volca sample 2 allows you to connect your volca sample to your computer. This feature allows you to easily control your volca and manage your samples. It also allows you to control, sync, and play your volca sample 2 from your DAW. Individual MIDI channels can now be assigned to different parts, making it easier to perform when using an external device, such as a sequencer or keyboard.
Easier Sample and Pattern Management
The volca sample 2 has dedicated Librarian software that also utilizes the USB port. It manages and sends your samples and patterns back and forth, instantaneously and pain-free. You can also use the dedicated AudioPocket app for iOS. This lets you record samples on the fly and instantly transfer them to your volca sample 2.
More Memory, Pattern Locations, Samples and Bonus Packs
volca sample 2 has double the amount of memory of its predecessor, as well as 200 memory slots. 50 slots are left empty on factory settings, so you can load pre-made libraries or your own originals. Pattern locations have also increased from 10 to 16.
Celebrating this volca sample generation, KORG collaborated with two of the most innovative and influential artists working today. Moeshop and Toriena are well-known pioneers in the Kawaii Future Bass and Chiptune genres, and for their diverse and original use of samples within their music.
Take your Beats Further
Several functions have been added to help your music making process. Create with pattern chain mode, with two different STEP JUMP modes. Or go off the grid with the start delay function. Slightly delay the start of any part to achieve different kinds of grooves and swing.

On its own, volca sample 2 is an advanced sample machine with a powerful engine. 8 voice polyphony, digital reverb, rich double filter and knobs for sample manipulation make this a powerful sampler. volca sample 2 runs on 6 AA batteries and has an integrated speaker. Weighing only 13oz. (without batteries), it's perfect for standalone use.
Furthermore, with its Sync IN-OUT and MIDI connections, volca sample 2 integrates seamlessly with your live rig, production studio and any other volca. The volca sample 2 has everything you need to create the music you like.

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