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Keystage MIDI Keyboard Controller - 49 & 61 Keyplay button

Keystage MIDI Keyboard Controller - 49 & 61 Key

KORG Keystage Poly Aftertouch Controller - Top Features and Overviewplay button

KORG Keystage Poly Aftertouch Controller - Top Features and Overview


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The KORG Keystage MIDI controller is an impactful keyboard for producers and performers. As the first controller to fully adopt the latest MIDI 2.0 protocol, the Keystage puts unparalleled music-making power at your fingertips. Featuring a newly developed semi-weighted keybed and ultratactile touch response, the Keystage empowers musicians to reach new heights of creativity through an immersive playing experience. Beyond the feel and feedback of a highly responsive keyboard, the KORG Keystage supports both channel and polyphonic aftertouch, as well as MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), to transmit the subtleties of an expressive performance in the most natural and musical way. The KORG Keystage offers Ableton Live integration out of the box and is seamlessly compatible with most major DAWs. It also doubles as a USB audio interface with direct stereo outputs for an array of configurations on stage or in the studio. Intuitive, advanced, sleek and portable, the KORG Keystage is the ultimate MIDI keyboard for artists in any genre.

KORG Keystage MIDI Controller

MIDI 2.0 Enabled

Upon its release in 1983, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) technology turned the world of music production upside down, forever altering the way artists create. Largely unchanged for nearly four decades, MIDI spec 2.0 debuted in early 2020, and the KORG Keystage leaps ahead of the pack as the first MIDI 2.0-enabled controller. The primary, practical advantage over 1.0 is higher resolution for more realistic and nuanced expression, as well as bi-directional exchange of MIDI information between the Keystage and compatible hardware or software. Ensuring backwards compatibility, the KORG Keystage still operates flawlessly with MIDI spec 1.0, but opens up exciting new possibilities as 2.0 continues to ingratiate itself in modern music production.

KORG Keystage Modulation

Polyphonic Aftertouch

Equipped with polyphonic aftertouch and MPE, the Keystage allows players to add extra layers of richness to their music by transmitting MIDI data associated with even the most minute intricacies of a performance. These features faithfully recreate the sound and response of playing a real-life instrument you’ve chosen in your software—such as an acoustic piano or an organ—but they also add depth and dimension to non-natural, synthesized sounds as well. The KORG Keystage injects dynamism and realism into otherwise stiff MIDI recordings, and gives keyboard players the same feedback they’d expect from a "real" instrument. This translates to more immersive onstage performances as well as more inspired, emotive writing and recording sessions.   

KORG Keystage Knobs

Instant Visual Feedback

The KORG Keystage is at the forefront of controller innovation and takes all the guesswork out of time-consuming MIDI mapping. Tapping into the potential of MIDI 2.0, simply connecting the keyboard to compatible software automatically assigns parameters to dedicated knobs, each with its own OLED display, for quick, accurate visuals on essential controls. Making real-time adjustments has never been easier than with the Keystage, as each crystal-clear OLED screen shows exact parameter values for informed manipulation on the fly. The Keystage offers hands-on tone tweaking, freeing you from the laptop and allowing you to immerse yourself in the performance.    

KORG Keystage Rear

Integrated Audio Interface

The KORG Keystage isn’t just a world-class MIDI controller; it’s a master keyboard that can be used to pilot a streamlined live rig. With an integrated audio interface, you can connect your Keystage to a computer or tablet, and send audio to FOH from the controller’s direct stereo outputs. The Keystage eliminates excess gear entirely; equipped with just the keyboard and a laptop, gigging musicians can perform whole sets with ease. KORG ensures portability with a lightweight and sleek chassis, complete with robust durability that travels confidently.

The KORG Keystage MIDI controller sets the standard for the future of keyboards. MIDI 2.0 enhances hardware and software integration on the technical side, and helps players pull every bit of human expression from a performance on the creative side. Built for the studio and the stage, this powerful keyboard serves to function as a primary instrument—not just a tactile surface for programming MIDI. Producers and musicians of all kinds can take advantage of the Keystage’s substantial semi-weighted keybed, intuitive layout and plug-and-play connectivity.

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Keystage-49: Polytouch keyboard*, 49 keys
  • Keystage-61: Polytouch keyboard*, 61 keys
  • Features velocity sensitivity, aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch
  • Velocity curves: 21 (—10–0–+10)
  • Octave range: 7 (—3–0–+3)
  • Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, parameter control knobs x 8
  • VOLUME knob, SETTINGS button, WRITE button, EXIT button, SHIFT button, ARP button, CHORD
  • button, VALUE ^/ buttons, VALUE dial, PAGE —/+ buttons, transport buttons, TEMPO button,
  • OCTAVE —/+ buttons
  • Main display: Organic EL (electro-luminescence) display
  • Sub display: Organic EL displays x 8
  • No. of scenes: 16
  • Arpeggiator
  • Arpeggio rhythm patterns: 20
  • Chord mode
  • Preset chord sets: 32
  • User chord sets: 32
Input/Output Jacks and Ports
  • USB port, MIDI (IN, OUT connectors), EXPRESSION jack, DAMPER jack, AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R jacks), headphone jack
Audio Output
  • AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R): 6.3 mm TS phone jack (unbalanced)
  • Headphones: 6.3 mm stereo phone jack
Control Inputs
  • DAMPER (half-damper supported)
  • MIDI
  • IN, OUT
  • USB
  • Type B
  • MIDI/audio interface
  • MIDI: 1 in/1 out
  • Audio: 2 ch. out
  • Audio format: 44.1kHz, 16-bit
Power Supply
  • USB bus power or AC adapter (9VDC, : Korg KA350, sold separately)
Power Consumption
  • 5V/500 mA or less (when powered via USB)
Power Consumption
  • 4W (when using an AC adapter)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • Keystage-49: 814 x 234 x 82 mm/32.05" x 9.21" x 3.23"
  • Keystage-61: 979 x 234 x 82 mm/38.54" x 9.21" x 3.23"
  • Keystage-49: 4.2 kg/9.26 lb.
  • Keystage-61: 5.0 kg/11.02 lb.
Included items
  • USB cable (Type A-Type B), expansion plate, Quick Start Guide, Precautions
  • * Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • * is a registered trademark of Medeli, developed with Ashun Sound Machines.
  • * All product names and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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USA Warranty Policy

All Korg products purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original consumer purchaser as listed below:

Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 1 Year

Exceptions: Tubes, AC Adapters, Foot Switches: 90 days

Warranty Requirements and Limitations:

-Proof of Warranty - The customer must provide proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service. The dated sales slip or copy thereof is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

-The product must be purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer and have a valid serial number.

Damage resulting from the following causes are excluded from the warranty set forth above:
-Misuse, including damage occurring during shipment, damage caused by battery leakage, accident, fire, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse.
-The cleaning of controls or contacts due to exposure to dirty, dusty, or otherwise contaminated environment.
-Damage resulting from modification.
-Damage to units used for loan or rental.

Register online and extend your warranty!
Register your new Korg keyboard, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase.

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