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The Jupiter JAS1100 Alto Saxophone is designed for musicians ready to take their playing to new heights. Combining handcrafted quality with innovative technology, the JAS1100 produces a rich, commanding tone suited for both jazz and classical playing. Its Performance Series design ensures stable, perfectly regulated keywork and pads for inspiring playability, while multiple points of adjustability provide a customized fit.

Precision-Engineered Keywork Responds Instantly

From the first note, the JAS1100's keywork feels light, fast and intuitive. Blued steel springs, a hallmark of professional saxophones, provide durable tension for a highly responsive mechanism. Keys are meticulously leveled for a smooth, quiet action. Front F, high F# and tilting G# - Bb table keys grant access to an extended range. Multiple adjustment points, including palm keys, the rocker octave mechanism and stack adjustment screws, provide a customized setup for optimal ergonomics.

High-Quality Components Built to Endure

Jupiter combines premium materials and hand craftsmanship to produce an alto saxophone that inspires for years. The JAS1100's bell and body are fashioned from brass and finished in a gleaming gold lacquer. Pisoni pads, blued steel springs and metal tone boosters are designed for leak-free, long-lasting performance. A detachable bell simplifies maintenance, while felt bumpers prevent damage if the instrument is dropped or bumped.

Equipped for Practice and Performance

TThe JAS1100 comes with everything a progressing musician needs, including a backpack style case to protect the instrument in transport or storage. A mouthpiece and ligature are also included to get you playing right away. Brought to you by Jupiter, a trusted name in band instruments, the JAS1100 is an exceptional value guaranteed to inspire through high school and beyond.

Jupiter 1100 series Alto Saxophone Smoke
Jupiter 1100 series Alto Saxophone Smoke
Jupiter 1100 series Alto Saxophone Smoke