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Intermediate Flugelhorns

It goes without saying that learning an instrument isn't a giant leap from beginner to professional: there's a lot of learning and improvement that has to happen in between. And the truth is that there's no one-size-fits-all flugelhorn for every player at every skill level. A beginner instrument is easy to play and care for, but won't deliver the same tonal quality as a professional horn. And while a pro horn sounds great, it would be a bit too much for a new player's technique (and budget) to handle. There has to be a middle ground for a musician who's positioned right in between these two extremes, and that's where you'll find intermediate flugelhorns.

Delivering excellent sound with easy playability and a dash of longevity on the side, these instruments are ready to handle the demanding needs of school and marching bands, not to mention ensembles for advancing players at any age. Plus, with models as affordable as the Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn and the Jupiter 846 Series Bb Flugelhorn, they can be friendly for any student's budget. This combination of price to performance makes intermediate flugelhorns fantastic choices for stepping up from a first instrument, or as introductory flugelhorns for already-experienced players of other brass instruments in need of options that can handle more knowledgeable beginners.

For an even more discerning intermediate player, this lineup has a few models to offer that sit a little higher on the "intermediate" spectrum, making them excellent choices for musicians who've clung on to their first horn for a very long time and need something advanced enough to last up to (and maybe even a little while into) the professional level. For that kind of performance, you'll be looking at instruments like the Getzen 595 Capri Series Bb Flugelhorn and the Kanstul 925 Series Bb Flugelhorn. These are only a step behind pro models on the flugelhorn hierarchy, delivering nearly-equivalent performance while going a lot easier on the pocketbook.

Naturally, it's up to you to decide which of these intermediate flugelhorns will be the best fit for your skill level and personal playing needs. And of course, it never hurts to take the advice of your band director or instructor into account - so if you've had a certain flugelhorn recommended to you, it's definitely worth taking a closer look at that one. Find the instrument that lines up with your own preferences and the needs of your band, and it will be safe to say you've found your next flugelhorn.