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Ibanez RG6003FM


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Ibanez's RG6003FM solidbody electric guitar is designed to unleash your inner shredder. At the heart of this metal monster is a mahogany body with a stunning flamed maple top and a Wizard III neck for maximum speed, comfort and precision. Its dual Ibanez Quantum pickups are wired to a 5-way switch, providing a variety of tones from bright and cutting to warm and punchy. Combined with its jumbo frets, fixed bridge and black hardware, the RG6003FM is a high-performance axe ready to endure the most intense metal assaults.

Dual Ibanez Quantum Pickups Provide Endless Tonal Possibilities

The RG6003FM comes loaded with a Quantum neck pickup in the neck position and a Quantum bridge pickup in the bridge position. These active pickups are wired to a 5-way switch, offering players an array of tones from a tight, focused sound to a wide, expressive roar. The neck pickup provides a warm, round tone that is perfect for complex chords and melodic passages. The bridge pickup delivers an aggressive, biting tone suited for heavy rhythm and lead playing. By combining the pickups in the 2 and 4 switch positions, you can achieve a balanced tone with clarity and punch. The tonal variety and output of these Quantum pickups make the RG6003FM suitable for any style of metal.

Wizard III Neck Offers Unparalleled Speed and Playability

The RG6003FM features a 5-piece Wizard III maple neck, renowned for its thin, flat profile and smooth, fast playing feel. Its treated jatoba fingerboard has 24 jumbo frets, allowing for wide bends and legato techniques. The contoured heel provides easy access to higher frets, enabling players to explore the full range of the neck. Combined with its precision-cut nut, the Wizard III neck offers an unhindered, friction-free playing experience for shredding at breakneck speeds.

Fixed Bridge Anchors Tone and Sustain

Instead of a traditional tremolo bridge, the RG6003FM has a fixed bridge. This provides superior tuning stability and increased sustain compared to a tremolo bridge. The fixed bridge tightly anchors the strings to the guitar body, enabling a strong, resonant tone with rich harmonic content. For metal players seeking maximum tone and tuning stability during aggressive techniques, the fixed bridge is an ideal choice.

Ibanez RG6003FM Electric Guitar Flat Sapphire Blue
Ibanez RG6003FM Electric Guitar Flat Sapphire Blue
Ibanez RG6003FM Electric Guitar Flat Sapphire Blue

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  • Maple "Wizard III" fast neck
  • Mahogany body/flamed maple top
  • Jumbo frets, Jatoba fingerboard
  • White offset dot inlay
  • Fixed bridge
  • Quantum neck pickup
  • Quantum bridge pickup
  • 5-way pickup selector switch
  • Black hardware
  • Case sold separately

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Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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