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Ibanez Extended Range Acoustic Guitars

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If you're a musician who likes to be different, loves to experiment with sound, or is just really into cool instruments, Ibanez extended range acoustic guitars are made for you. Their lineup of specialty guitars bring tonal variety to every genre of music you can think of. From small-scale parlor guitars and acoustic-electric baritone models to mini versions of their full-sized dreadnoughts, Ibanez has an extended range acoustic guitar in this section for every adventure-seeking musician. Before you decide which Ibanez extended range acoustic will be making an appearance at your next jam session, it's best to have a few solid ideas of the sound and size of the instrument you're after. For example, if you want to foray into the world of folk music, check out the AVT1NT Artwood Vintage Tenor Acoustic Guitar. It features both a saddle and nut made of bone to deliver a well-balanced sound on a distinctively contoured rosewood bridge. Small in size with a 22.8" scale Parlour 2 body, this 4-string beauty is perfect for travelling musicians with a passion for the harmonies and rich melodies of American folk music. If you're searching for distinct acoustic sound that is affordable, you'll want to look at the Ibanez Performance PFT2-NT Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Tenor Guitar. Offering professional features and the strong clear resonance that comes from spruce, this mini dreadnought is everything you'd expect from an Ibanez guitar but in a much smaller package. With guitars like the Artwood Vintage and the Performance PFT2-NT in their collection, it's easy to see why Ibanez has become one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. By blending Japanese craftsmanship with American inspiration at a reasonable price point, Ibanez has an extended range acoustic guitar for musicians of all tastes and budgets.