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The Hohner 1896 Marine Band harmonica delivers the unmistakable sound that shaped rock and blues music. For over a century, the Marine Band has been the go-to harmonica for iconic musicians like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Little Walter, and Paul Butterfield—and now it can be yours. Handcrafted in Germany using traditional methods passed down through generations, the 1896 Marine Band features a pearwood comb and brass reeds that produce a warm, rich tone perfect for blues, folk, and rock. Its iconic design is instantly recognizable, with stainless steel cover plates and an old-school shape that just feels right in your hands. Play a few notes on this legendary harmonica and you'll understand why it's considered the gold standard for authentic blues tone.

Vintage-Style Tone and Feel

From the first draw and blow, the 1896 Marine Band transports you to another era with its classic bluesy tone and familiar feel. The all-wood construction delivers a natural, resonant sound free of the synthetic materials found in modern harmonicas. Smooth and responsive brass reeds are carefully tuned by expert craftsmen in Germany, allowing advanced techniques like bending and overblowing. Whether you're learning blues basics or emulating your favorite rock stars, the Marine Band is a perfect place to start your harmonica journey.

Time-Tested Design

The 1896 Marine Band features the same iconic design that's endured for over 100 years. Its 10 holes and two reeds per hole provide a fully chromatic range. Rounded edges and a teardrop-shaped profile allow hours of comfortable playing. Stainless steel cover plates protect the reed plates while adding a touch of vintage style. From the wood comb to the engraved "1896" on its back, every detail of the Marine Band pays homage to the rich history of blues harmonica.

A Piece of Music History

When you buy an 1896 Marine Band, you're getting more than just an instrument—you're acquiring a piece of music history. Since its introduction in 1896, the Marine Band has been instrumental in shaping blues, rock, folk, and country music. It's been used to record countless hit songs and has inspired generations of musicians. Now this iconic harmonica can inspire you. Now available at Guitar Center, get your hands on a legend and start making music history of your own with the Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica.

Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica D
Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica D
Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica D

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  • 10-hole diatonic
  • Standard (Richter) tuning
  • Reeds: 20
  • Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm
  • Pearwood comb
  • Length: 10cm
  • Hohner harmonicas feature:
  • Improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200%
  • Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness
  • Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools)
  • Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won't tarnish and are easy to clean
  • Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica
  • Super-fast response at all volume levels
  • Easily adjustability for overblows
  • A unique Hohner sound that is a tone benchmark for blues, folk, and rock

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