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The short-scale Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass is based on Hofner's iconic 1906 Violin bass. This updated version provides the unmistakable tone and style that helped define the British Invasion. The hollowbody construction and flatwound strings produce a warm, resonant sound with solid lows and smooth highs. Despite its compact size, the 30" scale length and teacup knobs make this bass extremely playable. The short-scale Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass lets you experience a classic instrument with upgraded features for today's musician.

Flatwound Strings Provide a Smooth, Vintage Tone

The Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass comes equipped with flatwound strings, which produce a mellow tone that emphasizes the low end. The flatwound strings have little string noise and fretting buzz, allowing you to achieve a Motown-inspired sound or emulate the punchy basslines of '60s pop and rock. For musicians looking to recreate iconic tones from the past or add a retro element to modern music, the flatwound strings are ideal.

Hollow Body Construction Delivers a Resonant Sound

Unlike most solidbody basses, the Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass has a fully hollowbody construction, which enhances resonance and projection, allowing each note to ring out with a piano-like quality. Despite its hollow design, the bass has little feedback at high volumes thanks to the smaller f-holes. For its size, the hollowbody produces a surprisingly full and layered sound.

Short 30" Scale Length Provides Comfortable Playability

With a scale length of only 30", the Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass has a shorter neck that requires less hand stretching. The compact scale length makes this bass ideal for musicians with smaller hands or those used to shorter-scale instruments. Although short, the neck still has 22 frets, allowing access to higher notes. Combined with the lightweight, contoured body, the Violin bass is an extremely playable and ergonomic bass.

Teacup Knobs and Other Vintage-Inspired Features

From its iconic violin-shaped body to the vintage-styled teacup knobs, the Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass is filled with touches that evoke a retro feel. The bass features a set neck, dot inlays and a tune-o-matic bridge. Esthetically and tonally, this bass captures the spirit of Hofner's original Violin bass. For any musician seeking a true throwback instrument, the Hofner Ignition Series Violin bass delivers.

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  • Hollowbody
  • Flatwound strings
  • Teacup knobs
  • Short 30" scale

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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