Hercules DJ


The Herculues DJControl Mix is a wireless 2-deck DJ controller specially designed for use with iOS and Android smartphones. It connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy and controls the djay app.

The controller's compact size—and overall design—are perfect for use with smartphones. It includes a stand for your smartphone and is powered via USB cable, either using a USB power adapter (not included) or a USB battery/power bank (not included).

DJControl Mix helps you learn how to mix: its ultra-low latency, precise controls (jog wheels and faders) and extensive set of features (pads, as well as volume and filter/bass control knobs) provide you with the same mixing possibilities as professional-grade DJ hardware. You can play mixes out loud on a Bluetooth speaker (not included) connected to your smartphone, using the smartphone's headphones output, or on your smartphone's built-in speaker.

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