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Thanks to digital technology, any budding audiophile can now build a recording studio in the comfort of their own home. Of course, if this is something that interests you, you'll definitely want to grab a set of quality headphones, and you'll find an excellent range of headphone packages to choose from, right here. While studio monitors are also essential pieces of equipment for mixing in the recording studio, headphones are equally important for recording purposes. For example, if you're recording a specific vocal or instrument, an easier way to concentrate on the job at hand is by muting your monitors and listening through headphones. Another reason headphones are important to own is for late night mixing purposes. By investing in a set of headphones with a wide frequency range and a strong bass presence, you can get a task done easily without making a single peep. So what headphones are best for you?

Many of the most trusted headphones brands offer their own top notch packages, including AKG, Art, PreSonus and many others. In fact, one of the biggest sellers is the Nady QH560 Deluxe Studio Headphones 2-for-1 package. Featuring high-performance drivers and ultrathin 40mm diaphragms, the advanced design offers you a clear, natural sound, and the self-adjusting headband ensures they're comfortable for any user. Another great choice is the Art HeadAmp 4 headphone amp and headphone package. Consisting of a HeadAmp 4 Stereo headphone amp and 4 pairs of G40DX headphones, this full-featured monitoring system provides crystal-clear sound at an unbeatable price. Taking advantage of your engineering skills starts with equipping yourself with the necessary gear to put your talents into action, and this includes owning a great set of headphones. Whether you have dreams of becoming the next Quincy Jones or simply enjoy recording your personal musical projects, you'll have no problem finding a headphone package in this section to help you achieve the finished product you're striving for.