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Hal Leonard’s How to Get Great Guitar Tones: The Ins and Outs of Various Guitars, Amps, and Effects for All Styles shows you exactly what you need to achieve the best sound for any situation. Authored by Stephen Davis, the book takes you through a comprehensive set of topics, including:
  • Guitar rig breakdown
  • Types of guitars
  • Amps, speakers and cabinets
  • Pedal effects and building pedalborads
  • Rig options for mono, stereo, wet/dry, and wet/dry/wet
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Matching tones to styles
  • Demonstration audio tracks, and much more.

To make things even more clear, the book is filled with many pictures and diagrams to help you visually put together the options for building your dream rig. Also included are over 100 demonstration audio tracks that showcase the tones described within mixing and matching different guitars with a variety of amps and effects.

The subject of guitar tone has received much innovation, exploration and debate among players and enthusiasts for decades. With the world of tone becoming wider each day, it can be overwhelming for players to choose the right gear for their style and sound. Fortunately, Hal Leonard’s guide has you covered when it comes to sounding your best.
Hal Leonard How to Get Great Guitar Tones - The Ins and Outs of Various Guitars, Amps, and Effects for All Styles Book/Audio Online