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Introducing Gibson Amps: Falcon 5 & Falcon 20 Tube Amplifiersplay button

Introducing Gibson Amps: Falcon 5 & Falcon 20 Tube Amplifiers

The Return of Gibson Amps: Falcon 5 & Falcon 20 - Full Demoplay button

The Return of Gibson Amps: Falcon 5 & Falcon 20 - Full Demo

Charlie Worsham Plays The Gibson Falcon 20 Ampplay button

Charlie Worsham Plays The Gibson Falcon 20 Amp


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The Gibson Falcon 20 1x12 tube combo pays homage to the famed Skylark amps of the ’50s and ’60s—the iconic guitar company’s entry to becoming one of the world’s first manufacturers of amplifiers. Inspired by its legendary past, the Gibson Falcon incorporates a brand-new schematic by trailblazing designer Randall Smith and the formidable MESA/Boogie design team, bringing inimitable, handcrafted vintage tone to the 21st century. Featuring a single, no-nonsense channel with volume and tone controls, plus onboard reverb and tremolo, the Falcon 20 serves soaring sounds from the moment you plug in. This powerfully simple amp best suits tone connoisseurs seeking the nuanced dynamic response of old-school classics, starting with lean cleans that overdrive into meaty rhythms and leads with ease. The ultraboutique Gibson Falcon 20 combo offers unparalleled retro magic in a thoroughly contemporary reimagining of a certified classic.

Gibson Falcon 20 Tube Combo

Impossibly Versatile Single-Channel Layout

While modern amplification often prioritizes multiple channels and long lists of secondary features, the Gibson Falcon 20 peels back its layers to find the purest signal path possible. The result is wholly organic tone, driven by four 12AX7 preamp valves and two 6V6 power amp tubes, for shimmering cleans, three-dimensional saturation and the touch sensitivity that’s inspired generations of electric guitar players for decades. In this amp, the Falcon 20's versatility lies in its response to your pickups, guitar output volume and how hard or soft you play. From dialed-back tones with minimal breakup to thick, chewy power-tube overdrive, the Gibson Falcon 20 covers an impressive tonal range despite its minimalist layout.

Gibson Falcon 20 Controls

Immersive Analog Spring Reverb and Tremolo

Reverb and tremolo are the most enduring effects for guitarists, built into many of the most beloved amplifiers of yesteryear, and found, once again, in the Gibson Falcon 20 as footswitchable effects for the vintage-modern player. The Falcon 20's onboard spring reverb is a spacious and enveloping effect bringing ethereal, ambient waves of sound and subtle, thickening depth to your dry signal, while tremolo provides a rhythmic, hypnotic backdrop. For guitarists, nothing quite compares to the tone and feel of an analog spring reverb in tandem with tremolo, inviting you to explore new techniques and creative approaches as the ambience responds directly to your dynamic, harmonic and melodic choices. The Gibson Falcon 20's spring tank and tremolo circuit offer dreamy trails of decay and shimmery throbs suited to a variety of genres, lending themselves to an immersive playing experience infrequently found in today's hyper-modern electric guitar amplifiers.

Gibson Falcon 20 Back

Pure Tube Tone at Player-Friendly Levels

The Gibson Falcon 20's three-position Multi-Watt switch lets you go from approximately 12 watts of Class-A, 6V6 power to five, or to one—with only a flick. Lower power equates to less volume, but it’s also easier to drive the Falcon into natural tube breakup at levels that will protect your marriage, your lease and your hearing. In home or project studios that may or may not have an adequate isolation booth, you can still capture raw Falcon tone in its sweet spot, and it’s possible to play smaller gigs with every ounce of sonic charm you’ve come to love from this Gibson combo, without the sheer volume overpowering audiences.

Gibson Falcon Series

Crafted With Pride in Petaluma, California

Home of the famed MESA/Boogie, each Gibson Falcon 20 combo is handcrafted in Petaluma, California. Led by legendary designer Randall Smith, the expert team at MESA has worked tirelessly to reimagine Gibson Amplifiers for a new generation of guitarists, and each Falcon is built to the same relentless standard that goes into every boutique MESA/Boogie creation. The Gibson Falcon 20 1x12 combo is meticulously manufactured to withstand the demands of every stage, studio, rehearsal space or bedroom thrown at it.

The Gibson Falcon 20 offers vintage-inspired performance with contemporary internal refinements to help it become its own timeless classic in future decades. With a single, intuitive channel of Class-A tube goodness, the Falcon 20 produces harmonically complex tones capturing the intangible feel of "real" amplifiers that’s hard to recreate with anything else. Onboard reverb and tremolo add dimension to the dry sound, and power scalability makes it a perfect studio or stage companion. Prepare to be awestruck by the Gibson Falcon 20 at your local Guitar Center today.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • All-tube design with four 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6V6 power tubes
  • Pure Class-A power
  • Footswitchable reverb and tremolo effects
  • Six power modes: 12W/5W/1W on 6V6 tubes, or 15W/6W/2W on optional 6L6 tubes (sold separately)
  • 12" Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico speaker
  • Two inputs: normal and bright
  • Volume, tone, reverb, tremolo depth and frequency controls
  • Handcrafted in the USA