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The Gemini GTT-5000 Modern Classic belt drive USB turntable pack combines analog warmth with digital convenience. This all-in-one stereo system features a manual belt-drive turntable and Bluetooth-enabled speakers for listening to your vinyl collection with full-range stereo sound. With a built-in preamp and USB output, the GTT-5000 makes it easy to connect to your computer or stereo and convert your records into digital files.

Belt-Drive Turntable Delivers High-Fidelity Analog Sound

The GTT-5000 turntable features a classic belt-drive design for smooth, consistent playback of records with minimal distortion. Shock-absorbing feet eliminate vibration feedback for clear, authentic sound. Connect the turntable's RCA outputs to the included Bluetooth speakers or your own stereo system to experience the warm tones and dynamic range that only vinyl can provide.

Built-In Bluetooth Connects Wirelessly to Speakers

With the GTT-5000's integrated Bluetooth transmitter, you can stream your vinyl collection wirelessly to the included Bluetooth speakers or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. For a more traditional setup, RCA outputs provide a hardwired connection to your stereo or powered monitors.

Convert Records to Digital With USB Output

Digitize your vinyl collection for playback on your computer, smartphone or other digital devices. The GTT-5000's USB output connects directly to your Mac or PC to capture audio. Recording software is included to get you started converting LPs, EPs and 45s into MP3, WAV or other file formats.

Complete Stereo System Includes Bluetooth Speakers

A pair of compact Bluetooth speakers provide full-range stereo sound for your turntable. With an integrated three-channel mixer, the master speaker lets you connect the turntable along with a Bluetooth device, media player or other analog source.

Gemini GTT-5000 Modern Classic Belt Drive USB Turntable Pack With Pair of Speakers
Gemini GTT-5000 Modern Classic Belt Drive USB Turntable Pack With Pair of Speakers

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  • Complete Stereo System with turntable and speakers
  • Belt-drive motor
  • Anti-Skating adjustment
  • Built in pre-amp with Line/Phono switch
  • Active + Passive speaker pair
  • Headphone output

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  • Audio Interface: USB 1.1 Compliant (Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS)
  • Turntable: Bluetooth and RCA output
  • Speakers: Bluetooth, 1/8", 1/4", RCA inputs
  • Included:
    • GTT-5000 with Slipmat
    • 45 Adapter
    • Counterweight
    • Headshell with Cartridge/Stylus
    • Turntable Power Cable
    • RCA cable
    • USB cable
    • Active speaker
    • Passive speaker
    • Speaker wire
    • Active speaker power cable

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    1 year limited warranty.

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