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The Gator G-FP-TSA-KEY TSA Series ATA molded polyethylene keyboard case provides heavy-duty protection for your 61- or 88-key keyboard during transport and storage. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, it's durable yet feather light. Generous interior dimensions give your keyboard breathing room while thick EPS foam padding shields it from damage.

TSA-Approved Locking Latches for Travel

Traveling musicians will appreciate the TSA-approved locking latches that keep the case securely closed during transit. Simply lock the case for ground transport or flights, then unlock the latches for TSA inspection without removing your keyboard. The latches quickly relock to maintain maximum protection. Inline wheels and a retractable handle provide smooth mobility through terminals, venues and more.

Stackable Design Saves Space

The Gator G-FP-TSA-KEY keyboard case features a flat top and interlocking design that allows multiple cases to be stacked securely. This space-efficient feature is ideal for transporting and storing multiple keyboards or other equipment. Molded-in ribs provide reinforced stacking points to prevent slippage between cases.

Gator G-FP-TSA-KEY TSA Series ATA Molded Polyethylene Keyboard Case With Wheels 61 Key

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  • 2 options: 61- or 88-key keyboards
  • Polyethylene exterior
    Adjustable wedge and block design for interior customization
  • Two black rubber handles with 130-lb. capacity
  • Four TSA latches (two locking)
  • 61-Key Option

    • Interior Dimensions
    • Interior Length: 44"
    • Interior Width: 17.38"
    • Interior Height: 6"
    • Exterior Dimensions
    • Exterior Length: 50"
    • Exterior Width: 21.5"
    • Exterior Height: 9"
    • Exterior Weight: 24 lb.
    73-Key Option
    • Interior Dimensions
    • Interior Length: 51.25"
    • Interior Width: 20"
    • Interior Height: 8"
    • Exterior Dimensions
    • Exterior Length: 54.5"
    • Exterior Width: 23.25"
    • Exterior Height: 10.5"
    • Exterior Weight: 29 lb.
    88-Key Option
    • Interior Dimensions
    • Interior Length: 59"
    • Interior Width: 19"
    • Interior Height: 6.63"
    • Exterior Dimensions
    • Exterior Length: 64.50"
    • Exterior Width: 22.25"
    • Exterior Height: 10.50"
    • Exterior Weight: 32 lb.