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The Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner brings premium power conditioning to your studio or stage. This 1U rackmount power conditioner features Furman's advanced SMP+ circuitry, providing extreme surge suppression without sacrificing audio quality thanks to their exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). The PL-8C's eight rear outlets and one front outlet are rated for 15 amps of clean power, separated into two isolated banks to reduce interference between components. Whether you're protecting vintage tube amps, sensitive digital processors or high-end recording interfaces, the PL-8C delivers power that's free of spikes, sags, and noise.

Extreme Surge Protection With Zero Ground Contamination

At the heart of the PL-8C is Furman's SMP+ circuit, which clamps surges and spikes at a safe 188V while preventing any leakage to ground. This "zero ground contamination" approach safeguards your equipment from surges without compromising signal integrity or introducing unwanted noise. The SMP+ circuit reacts in just one nanosecond to threats up to 6,500 amps, providing maintenance-free protection from the most extreme power events.

Isolated Outlet Banks For Maximum Noise Rejection

The PL-8C's nine outlets are separated into two isolated banks of three and six outlets to prevent interference between connected components. The wider spacing of the three-outlet bank is ideal for bulky power transformers, while the six-outlet bank features outlets placed closer together for power-dense configurations. This design maximizes the noise rejection provided by the PL-8C, delivering clean, consistent power to all your studio and stage equipment.

Retractable LED Rack Lights With Dimmer Control

Super-bright LED rack lights are built into the PL-8C, providing illumination for equipment in dimly-lit rack enclosures. The lights retract when not in use and feature an onboard dimmer allowing you to adjust the brightness. A BNC connector on the rear panel powers an optional gooseneck lamp, perfect for shedding light on cable connections and hard-to-reach areas of your rack.

Rugged and Reliable Power Protection

Housed in a durable 1U steel chassis, the PL-8C is built to withstand the demands of studio and live use. It comes with a heavy-duty 10' power cable to connect it to any standard wall outlet. Whether you need basic power conditioning or serious surge protection for a high-end studio or touring rig, the Furman PL-8C delivers power that's free of interference and threats.

Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner
Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner

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  • Retractable LED rack lights with on/off/dimmer control
  • Isolated outlet banks to minimize inter-component interference and noise contamination
  • BNC back panel connector for gooseneck lamp with front-panel switch
  • Maintenance-free surge suppression thanks to Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) circuit with extreme voltage shutdown
  • 8 rear-panel outlets and one front-panel outlet
  • LED status indicators warn you when voltage is outside of nominal range or when protection has been compromised
  • Three widely spaced outlets accommodate bulky AC power transformers
  • LiFT (Linear Filtering Technology) with zero ground contamination
  • Advanced EVS circuitry detects dangerous voltage irregularities and safely powers down itself and connected equipment in unsafe conditions
  • 15 amp rating, with high-inrush thermal circuit breaker for added protection
  • Two, pull out multi-LED, dimmable lamps
  • Captive 3/14 AWG, 10ft. black cord with NEMA 15 plug
  • One rack unit space
  • Master switch control of rear outlets

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  • Dimensions: 19"W x 1.75"H x 10.5"D
  • Weight: 12 lb.
  • Construction: Steel chassis, .125" brushed and black anodized aluminum front panel; glass epoxy printed circuit boards
  • Current rating: 15 amps
  • Operating Voltage: 90 to 139 VAC
  • Over Voltage Shutdown: 140 VAC typically
  • Spike Protection Modes: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: 188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps, 133 VAC RMS
  • Response time: 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum surge current: 6,500 amps
  • Noise attenuation: 10dB @ 10kHz, 40dB @ 100kHz, 50dB @ 500MHz
  • Power consumption: 12W
  • Safety Agency Listings: CE, NRTL-C