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The Cobalt Chrome PJ Bass pickup set brings a bold new voice to your bass. Utilizing a proprietary blend of FeCrCo magnets, these pickups are voiced by tone guru Tim Shaw to maximize your instrument's tonal possibilities. With the Cobalt Chrome set, you get the versatility of a split-coil Precision Bass middle pickup and Jazz Bass bridge pickup—one of the most versatile combinations available.

Unlocks the Full Tonal Spectrum

The custom FeCrCo magnet blend at the heart of the Cobalt Chrome pickups is optimized to unlock your bass's entire tonal spectrum. You'll discover tones and textures you never knew your instrument was capable of producing. The proprietary magnetic configuration brings out the Cobalt Chrome's full potential for punch, clarity and dynamic range.

Added Punch and Hi-Fi Clarity

The Cobalt Chrome pickups deliver a bold new voice and attitude to any bass. Their specially formulated magnets provide tight low end, crisp mids and articulate highs for a sound that cuts through a mix. You get enhanced presence and definition without harshness or muddiness. The hi-fi tone lets you stand out in the band context while retaining organic warmth.

Versatile Split P & J Configuration

With the classic P/J configuration, you have one of the most versatile pairing available. Dial in aggressive punch or smooth, round low end. Solo with glassy highs or throaty mids. Blend the two pickups for the perfect balance of attack and body.

True and Quiet Performance

The Cobalt Chrome pickups deliver exceptional noise reduction thanks to the chrome-ringed covers that shield against 60-cycle hum. You get remarkably quiet operation from these split-coil pickups. This clarity and sensitivity lets your tone shine through without interference or unwanted noise. The Cobalt Chrome set provides a dynamic and true voice to inspire your best performances.

Fender Cobalt Chrome PJ Bass Pickup Set Chrome

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  • Cobalt Chrome magnets for added punch and clarity
  • Split-coil Precision Bass middle pickup and Jazz Bass bridge pickup
  • Proprietary blend of FeCrCo magnets
  • Chrome-ringed cover helps eliminate 60-cycle hum

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.