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The Power Peg Pro from Ernie Ball is an innovative motorized peg winder that makes changing strings faster and easier than ever before. The Power Peg Pro fits all stringed instruments with adjustable tuning pegs, from electric and acoustic guitars to mandolins, ukuleles and basses. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides increased torque for handling light to heavy string tensions with no loss of power. Musicians of all skill levels will appreciate how much time the Power Peg Pro saves, restringing instruments up to 80 percent faster than manual winders.

Speed Up Restringing by 80 Percent

The Power Peg Pro's motorized design means no more tedious cranking to change your strings. In just minutes, you'll have a freshly restrung instrument and more time to play. The wider head fits all tuning machines so you can use it on your entire collection of stringed instruments.

Rechargeable Battery Eliminates Waste

Say goodbye to buying and throwing out single-use batteries. The Power Peg Pro's built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power with no loss of torque. An included power adapter makes recharging the battery convenient at home or on the go.

Increased Torque for Any String Type

Whether you prefer light or heavy gage strings, the Power Peg Pro can handle it. Its high-torque motor was designed to work with a wide range of string tensions, from mandolin strings all the way up to heavy bass strings. You'll get a secure, precision tuning every time.

Easy to Use for Musicians of All Levels

The Power Peg Pro is simple to operate, with an intuitive push-button control. Novices and experienced players alike will find it easy to get their instrument restrung in a flash. A lightweight, ergonomic design makes the Power Peg Pro comfortable to handle and portable enough to take anywhere.

Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro Peg Winder

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  • Up to 80 % faster than a manual winder
  • Works on all electric, bass, and acoustic Instruments
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with adapter included
  • Improved torque. Works with all tension requirements including mandolins and banjos
  • Forward and reverse capabilities up to 200 RPM

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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