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The Pegwinder Plus

Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus Black, an innovative device that simplifies the process of restringing your electric or acoustic guitar. Thanks to its smooth ball bearing mechanism and ergonomic design, the Pegwinder Plus allows you to complete string changes in record time. Suitable for use on most popular guitar models, this compact yet durable tool features a scratch-resistant peghead to prevent damage to your instrument's hardware. An integrated bridge pin puller provides added convenience for acoustic guitar players. With its eye-catching neon accents, the Pegwinder Plus is easy to spot on dimly lit stages and work areas.

Ultra-Smooth Ball Bearing Action

At the heart of the Pegwinder Plus is an ultra-smooth ball bearing system that glides effortlessly over guitar pegs. This high-performance mechanism requires minimal effort to turn, allowing you to quickly wind new strings into tune. The ball bearing design also provides a high level of precision, enabling you to make fine adjustments to string tension with ease.

Ergonomic, Scratch-Free Design

Shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, the Pegwinder Plus features an ergonomic grip that reduces strain, even during prolonged restringing sessions. Its peghead is coated in a soft, scratch-resistant material that protects your guitar's tuning pegs and finish from damage as strings are installed and tuned. This thoughtful design detail helps ensure your instrument remains in pristine condition after each string change.

Universal Fit for Most Guitars

Thanks to its adjustable peghead, the Pegwinder Plus provides a secure fit on a wide range of electric and acoustic guitar models. Whether you play a classic solid-body electric, hollow-body jazz guitar or dreadnought acoustic, this innovative tool has you covered. Its compact size also allows the Pegwinder Plus to fit conveniently in any guitar case or gig bag, so you can take it anywhere.

Integrated Bridge Pin Puller

For added versatility, the Pegwinder Plus features an integrated bridge pin puller, eliminating the need for a separate tool when restringing acoustic guitars. This built-in puller grips securely onto bridge pins, allowing you to quickly and easily remove them in preparation for installing a new set of strings.

Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus Black
Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus Black
Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus Black

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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