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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Acoustic Earthwood 80/20 Bronze

Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball 3003 Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Medium Light acoustic strings are premium strings are constructed from a blend of 80 percent copper and 20 percent tin, providing an ideal balance of warmth, clarity and projection. The phosphor bronze winding is wrapped around a tin-plated, high-carbon steel core for added brightness and sustain. Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Earthwood 80/20 Bronze strings will make your acoustic guitar sing.

Warmth and Clarity in Perfect Harmony

The 80/20 bronze alloy produces a rich, resonant tone with pronounced mids and sparkling highs. An acoustic staple for decades, this blend of copper and zinc creates strings that are highly responsive and richly harmonious. The phosphor bronze winding enhances note definition and pick attack for a crisp, articulate sound.

Built to Last

Ernie Ball is dedicated to producing the freshest, highest-quality strings. Made in California, USA, Earthwood strings are constructed from the finest materials under strict quality controls. The Element Shield packaging protects strings from environmental damage and oxidation, keeping them fresh for an extended lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect Earthwood strings to hold tune and tone for weeks of regular play.

Comfort and Playability

Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Medium Light strings have been engineered for comfort, flexibility and balanced tension. The custom gage sizes, ranging from .012 to .054, provide a familiar playing feel for most acoustic guitars. The strings are highly responsive, with a medium light gage that facilitates complex chord shapes, percussive techniques and expressive soloing.

The Perfect Compliment to Your Guitar

Give your acoustic the strings it deserves. Whether you play a Martin, Taylor, Gibson or other premium brand, Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Medium Light strings will enhance the natural tone of your guitar. Their warm, balanced sound and longevity have made them a staple for professional and amateur players alike. For the best possible performance, change your strings regularly and wipe down after each use to prevent premature oxidation.

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