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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Cobalt Bassplay button

Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Cobalt Bass

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Cobalt Introduction

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Randy Jackson Cobalt Play Test

Ernie Ball

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These innovative strings are made of a cobalt alloy that produces high output, robust tone, and longer lifespan. The cobalt material has a strong magnetic relationship with pickups, generating an extended dynamic range, incredible harmonic response, beefed-up low end, and crisp highs. When you string up with these Ernie Ball Cobalts, you'll immediately notice their unparalleled comfort and flexibility, allowing your fingers to glide over the strings for fast, effortless playing.

Unmatched Tone and Sustain

The Ernie Ball Cobalt Bass Strings' special blend of iron and cobalt is the most magnetically active string alloy available, attracting pickups powerfully for huge tone and sustain. The low strings pump out thick, defined bass, the mids are focused, and the highs are clear and singing. Overall, these strings provide seriously punchy, articulate sound with richness and depth.

Buttery Playability

Not only do the Ernie Ball 2736 Cobalt Regular Slinky 5-String Electric Bass Strings sound phenomenal, but they also feel amazing under your fingers. The cobalt material is silky smooth, enabling effortless fretting and bending. Your fingers will glide across the strings as you execute intricate passages at lightning speed. The slinky gauge also provides a familiar, comfortable tension that most bassists prefer.

Long-Lasting and Corrosion Resistant

The cobalt alloy used in these strings is highly resistant to corrosion and sweat, allowing them to last significantly longer than standard nickel-plated strings. They maintain their tone and playability over time while avoiding rust and grime buildup. For peak performance and minimal maintenance, the Ernie Ball 2736 Cobalt Regular Slinky 5-String Electric Bass Strings are an ideal choice.

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