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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Cobalt Bassplay button

Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Cobalt Bass

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Cobalt String Introduction

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Randy Jackson Cobalt Play Test

Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings are the latest innovation that redefines the bass playing experience. Made of a proprietary Cobalt alloy, these round-wound strings offer bassists a dynamic range, harmonic complexity and playing comfort unlike anything that came before. With gauges 45, 65, 80 and 100, the Cobalt Series establishes a new benchmark for bass tone that you need to experience to believe.

Revolutionary Cobalt Alloy Unlocks Unparalleled Clarity and Punch

Ernie Ball's patented Cobalt alloy produces a powerful magnetic relationship between the strings and your pickups, enabling a level of clarity, punch and sustain never before possible. The Cobalt Series brings a new definition to "low end" with a growl and definition that cuts through the mix. Crisp, shimmering highs provide harmonic articulation in spades. Simply put, Cobalt strings make your bass sing like never before.

Beefy Yet Defined Lows, Shimmering Highs

Whether you crave a thick, synthesized bass tone or articulate acoustic-like warmth, 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings have you covered. Patented Cobalt technology delivers beefy lows with unmistakable definition, as well as chimey highs that shimmer with harmonic nuance. Midrange frequencies pop with a focus and presence sure to please the most discerning bass ears.

Silky Feel Makes String Bending a Breeze

In addition to their unparalleled tonal qualities, 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings offer unmatched playing comfort. Cobalt's flexibility and pliability under your fingers allows for a silkiness that makes the strings seem to glide as you play. Fast passages become effortless and string bending is smoother than ever. Once you experience the feel of Cobalt strings, you'll never want to go back.

Freshness Guaranteed With Element Shield Packaging

All Ernie Ball strings are made in California to the highest quality standards and 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings are no exception. Element Shield Packaging uses an airtight barrier to lock in freshness and keep the strings as bright and punchy as the day they were made. Longer string life and maximum tone are guaranteed.

Ernie Ball 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings
Ernie Ball 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings

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