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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Slinky Cobalt on the Cutlass SSSplay button

Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Slinky Cobalt on the Cutlass SSS

Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Slinky Cobalt on the Cutlass HSSplay button

Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Slinky Cobalt on the Cutlass HSS

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Slash Cobalt Play Test

Cobalt Introductionplay button

Cobalt Introduction

Ernie Ball

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These innovative strings are constructed from Ernie Ball's proprietary cobalt alloy to provide guitarists with unparalleled tone, power, and longevity. The cobalt material optimizes magnetic properties to produce high output, robust low end, articulate mids, and crisp highs when paired with standard electric guitar pickups. Guitarists will experience vastly improved sustain, harmonic complexity, and dynamic range.

Cobalt Construction Maximizes Sonic Potential

Ernie Ball's cobalt alloy is the most magnetically active string material available, enabling vastly stronger magnetic coupling with pickups. This results in higher signal transfer and a wider range of tones with greater definition. The cobalt strings' special blend of cobalt and iron allows for an ideal balance of flexibility and strength, reducing premature string breakage while facilitating comfortable playability.

Hybrid Gage Set Provides Balanced Tension and Tone

The 2715 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom set combines lighter gauges on the treble strings with heavier gauges on the bass strings to produce balanced tension and a wide spectrum of tones. The lighter treble strings allow for easier bending and soloing, while the heavier bass strings provide full, punchy low end. This combination suits guitarists seeking the benefits of both lighter and heavier string sets in one balanced hybrid gauge.

Built to Strict Tolerances for Consistent Quality

All Ernie Ball strings are manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. String sets are built to precise specifications to ensure consistency, longevity, and ideal performance. Ernie Ball is an iconic American company that has been producing premium guitar strings and accessories for over 50 years. Guitarists worldwide rely on Ernie Ball strings for their unparalleled tone, feel, and durability.

Complete Your Setup with Ernie Ball Accessories

In addition to the 2715 Cobalt strings, also carries a full assortment of innovative Ernie Ball products including power slinky, not even slinky, and paradigm strings, as well as straps, cables, polish, lubricant, tools, and other accessories. Pair your new cobalt strings with Ernie Ball's proprietary polishes and lubricants to keep your frets and strings conditioned for peak performance and tone.

Ernie Ball 2715 Cobalt Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings