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Ernie Ball: The Colors of Rock 'N' Rollplay button

Ernie Ball: The Colors of Rock 'N' Roll

The Ernie Ball Slinky Story - Celebrating 60 Yearsplay button

The Ernie Ball Slinky Story - Celebrating 60 Years

Ernie Ball

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Ernie Ball has been pioneering premium guitar strings for over 50 years, and their 7-String Slinky strings are revered for producing a perfectly balanced tone across all 7 strings. Made in the USA to Ernie Ball's strict quality standards, these nickel-wound strings are precision manufactured using the finest materials for optimum performance, long life and versatility. The Slinky 7-String set is ideal for rock, metal, fusion, and progressive styles.

Versatile Tone and Feel

The Ernie Ball 2621 7-String Slinky strings feature nickel-plated steel wound on a hex-shaped steel core for a versatile, balanced tone with crisp highs, tight lows and a touch of warmth. The custom gauges — .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046, .056 — provide ideal tension and playability for 7-string guitars. Whether you prefer to shred, chug, tap or sweep-pick, these strings will keep up with your most demanding techniques while producing consistent tone at any volume.

Built to Last

All Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured in the USA to the highest standards for optimum performance and long life. The nickel plating is specially treated to prevent corrosion and ensure consistent tone over time. The steel cores and ball ends are tin-plated for smooth playability and rust prevention. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect these premium strings to last significantly longer than average strings while retaining their tone and feel.

Road-Tested and Rockstar Approved

Ernie Ball strings are renowned for being "road-tested and rockstar approved. Their Slinky strings have been the choice of renowned guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Slash for decades. When you choose Ernie Ball strings, you're joining the ranks of the most iconic guitarists in music history.

Complete Your Sound

To get the most from your Ernie Ball 2621 7-String Slinky strings, pair them with Ernie Ball guitar picks and straps for a fully optimized setup. With premium components working together in harmony, you'll have all the tools needed to unleash your creativity and find your sound.

Ernie Ball 2621 Nickel 7-String Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball 2621 Nickel 7-String Slinky Electric Guitar Strings

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm