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Ernie Ball's 2403 Ernesto Palla nylon clear and silver classical acoustic guitar strings are designed to produce a warm, balanced tone perfect for classical and Latin styles. These premium strings are made in Italy using the highest quality nylon and are Ernie Ball's most popular and versatile nylon string set. The multifilament nylon treble strings provide a clear, articulate tone while the silver plated bass strings add warmth, depth and resonance. Whether you're a beginner exploring classical guitar or a seasoned professional, the 2403 strings will inspire your creativity. Ernie Ball's 2403 Ernesto Palla nylon clear and silver classical acoustic guitar strings are the clear choice for an authentic classical tone.

Multifilament Nylon Treble Strings for Crisp Articulation

The 2403 strings feature multifilament nylon treble strings that produce a crisp, resonant tone perfect for complex classical passages and chord melodies. The high quality nylon material provides a clear, balanced tone across the fretboard while still being flexible and comfortable to play. The multifilament construction, with many fine strands wound together, creates a full, rounded tone for an authentic classical sound.

Silver Plated Bass Strings for Depth and Warmth

To provide a solid tonal foundation, the 2403 set includes precision silver-plated copper wrap bass strings. The silver plating adds warmth, depth and resonance to the lower registers for a balanced tone across the entire guitar. The copper and silver combination produces full lows and clear highs, ideal for playing basslines, chords and melodies. The silver plating also helps reduce string noise and squeaking for a polished tone.

Versatile and Balanced For All Playing Styles

Whether you prefer a warm, mellow tone for Spanish influenced music or a crisp, articulate sound for Baroque pieces, the 2403 Ernesto Palla strings can handle it all. The multifilament nylon treble strings and silver-plated bass strings are balanced for a tone that works across all classical genres and playing techniques. From passionate rasgueados to delicate tremolo, these premium strings will inspire you to explore the full expressive range of the classical guitar.

Trusted Quality and Consistency

As leaders in the string industry for over 50 years, Ernie Ball is dedicated to producing the finest quality strings for all instruments. Made in Italy, the 2403 Ernesto Palla nylon clear and silver classical acoustic guitar strings are built to the highest standards for tone, feel and consistency. You can rely on these strings to deliver the same warm, balanced tone with every set. Experience the difference premium quality strings can make to your tone and playing.

Ernie Ball 2403 Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Acoustic Guitar Strings