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Elixir Optiweb promo vid by Everett Grayplay button

Elixir Optiweb promo vid by Everett Gray

Allan Salmon Talks Strings Interview | ELIXIR Stringsplay button

Allan Salmon Talks Strings Interview | ELIXIR Strings

Marc Seal Talks Stings Interview | ELIXIR Stringsplay button

Marc Seal Talks Stings Interview | ELIXIR Strings


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The Elixir Electr ic Guitar Strings With OPTIWEB Coating, Light (.010-.046) provide an unbeatable combination of vibrant tone and playing comfort. Thanks to Elixir's innovative OPTIWEB coating, these nickel-plated steel strings offer the natural feel and sound of an uncoated string without sacrificing the extended tone life and tuning stability that Elixir is known for. The OPTIWEB coating is Elixir's lightest, allowing for maximum vibration and control. Guitarists will love the crisp, bright tone and ability to perform extreme bends and wide vibrato.

OPTIWEB Coating: Lightweight and Natural

Elixir's OPTIWEB coating is their thinnest, most transparent coating, allowing the string to vibrate freely while still protecting against corrosion and buildup. The result is the natural feel and tone of an uncoated string but with 3-5 times more playing life. The OPTIWEB coating also provides a textured surface for enhanced grip and control, enabling advanced techniques.

Anti-Rust Plating: Long-Lasting Protection

Elixir Strings are the only brand to plate their plain steel strings to prevent rust and corrosion. By plating the ball end and taper of each plain steel string, Elixir ensures maximum tone life and consistency across the entire set. Guitarists can keep their Elixir OPTIWEB-coated strings on their guitar longer without tone loss or tuning issues.

Premium Materials for Premium Tone

Elixir's nickel-plated steel wrap wire and plain steel cores provide the crisp, bright tone that electric guitarists covet. The nickel plating is also more resistant to corrosion than bare steel, contributing to longer tone life. The Light gauge (.010-.046) offers a balanced tension that suits most playing styles. From rock to jazz, blues to metal, Elixir OPTIWEB-coated strings provide dynamic tone and performance.

The String Trusted by Pros Worldwide

Elixir Strings are the number one selling coated string brand and the choice of countless professional guitarists. With a range of coatings to suit any tone preference, Elixir provides premium strings with maximum tone life to players in every genre of music. Experience the difference of Elixir and get vibrant tone that lasts.

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  • Light gauge:.010 .013 .017 .026. 036 .046
  • Electric guitar strings constructed with nickel-plated steel wrap wire
  • Played for their crisp tone
  • OPTIWEB Coating provides a natural feel
  • Elixir's coating technology protects against common corrosion and debris buildup, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings (strings player survey)
  • Anti-Rust Plating on plain steel strings ensures longer tone life for the entire set