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The padded cover for ZLX-12P G2 and ZLX-12 G2 speaker enclosures protects your investment while making transportation and storage a breeze. Designed specifically for the ZLX-12P G2 and ZLX-12 G2 portable PA speakers, with it, you can rest assured your speaker will arrive in pristine condition, gig after gig.

With a Rigid Top, Stack Speakers to Save Space

The rigid top surface enables you to safely stack another ZLX-12P G2 or ZLX-12 G2 speaker on top, minimizing the space needed for storage. No more cramming speakers into tight spaces or worrying about scratches—just neatly organized, protected PA components. The cover is designed for seamless use, with openings for the handles and vents so you can still easily transport your speaker and ensure proper airflow. Just slip the cover on and off as needed without interrupting your load-in/load-out workflow. The padded cover for ZLX-12P G2 and ZLX-12 G2 gives you peace of mind that your speaker is protected, without getting in the way of using it.

Electro-Voice Padded Cover for ZLX-12P G2 and ZLX-12 G2

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