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The EBow Plus from Heet Sound Products is an electronic bow for guitar that unlocks a world of textures and tones. Rather than using a traditional guitar pick, the EBow Plus vibrates your strings to produce sustaining notes, eerie harmonics, and synth-like effects. Musicians and sound designers will love experimenting with this innovative tool to compose unique sounds.

Endless Sustain and Textures at Your Fingertips

With the EBow Plus, you're in complete control of your tone. By manipulating the distance and angle of the EBow over the string, you can achieve infinite sustain, fades, slurs and more. Add distortion or delay effects pedals to shape the tone further. The possibilities are endless when you put sound design into your own hands.

Inspire New Musical Ideas

If you're in a creative rut, the EBow Plus can jumpstart your inspiration. Its unique and bizarre sounds will get your creative juices flowing, helping you discover tones you never thought were possible with an electric guitar. Use it to compose lead lines, soundscapes or ambient loops. The EBow Plus gives you a new dimension of musical expression that you can incorporate into your playing and songwriting.

A Fun Yet Powerful Tool for Any Guitarist

Whether you're a beginner or professional guitarist, the EBow Plus is an accessible yet potent piece of gear. Its intuitive and easy to use design lets you start crafting new sounds right away. Its range of tones and effects means there are always new textures to uncover with experimentation and practice. The EBow Plus brings the fun and discovery back to guitar playing.

Premium Design and Components

Heet Sound Products built the EBow Plus to the highest standards using premium components so you can enjoy it for years to come. Its sleek, ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and features intuitive controls. The EBow Plus operates on a standard 9V battery with an LED indicator light.

Ebow EBow Plus Electronic Bow for Guitar
Ebow EBow Plus Electronic Bow for Guitar

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