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Eb / D Trumpets

Whether you play the trumpet in a professional orchestra or Baroque music ensemble, you're definitely in the right place for a new instrument. The reason is because Eb and D trumpets are preferred for these musical applications - in fact, it was the Eb trumpet that Haydn used in his concerto. Eb and D trumpets are favored for their ability to handle higher registers; most Eb trumpets even have an additional set of slides so they can be tuned to D. In this section, you'll come across Eb/D trumpets from the most highly regarded brass instrument manufacturers in the world today, including B&S, Bach and Kanstul.

The fact that you're here is a good indication that you've been playing the trumpet for a while now - or at the least, are looking for a friend who has experience with the instrument. After all, these Eb/D trumpets are designed with the professional in mind and any choice here will make that obvious. Just take a look at the Kanstul 1523 Series Eb/D Trumpet. Available in both Lacquer and Silver finishes, this trumpet includes two sets of slides (one in Eb, one in D) and features two 4.8" interchangeable Eb and D tuning bells made to produce a dark, powerful symphonic tone.

Bach is another company that is well known for their beautifully-crafted Eb/D trumpets. For proof, check out the Bach ADE190 Stradivarius Artisan Series Eb/D Trumpet. From its yellow brass leadpipe to the 4-1/2" one-piece tunable bells with special acoustic treatment, this trumpet produces a pure, responsive tone that will have any pro one step closer to a standing ovation. Another terrific Eb/D trumpet is the B&S 3116 Challenger II Series. Boasting a .453" bore design with hand hammered, interchangeable one-piece tunable bells for playing in Eb and D keys, the 3116 Challenger will impress any advanced player who wants an instrument that matches their hard-earned skills.

While this page focuses mainly on Eb/D trumpets, there are also plenty of trumpets here that are specifically in the keys of Eb and D, so try to spend some time here. Anyone who commits themselves to mastering a unique, sophisticated instrument like the Eb/D trumpet deserves to showcase their talents with a horn that they can be proud to call their own, and this is the catalog to make that happen.