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The EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set takes your tone to the extreme. Created in collaboration with iconic Metallica guitarist James Hetfield, this pickup set delivers the massive yet articulate sound he's famous for. Now you can achieve the same wall of sound that has filled arenas around the world for decades.

High-Output Pickups Provide Monster Tone

The EMG JH-N neck pickup and JH-B bridge pickup are both high-output humbuckers built for aggressive rhythm playing. The JH-N uses ceramic magnets and an oversized coil for a percussive attack, lots of output, and a full low end. The JH-B also has an oversized coil but uses steel pole pieces instead of bar magnets for tight, controlled bass and crisp highs. Together they produce a tone that cuts through loud and clean but retains personality.

Premium Components and a Legendary Pedigree

Like all EMG pickups, the JH Set is built from premium components to the highest standards. EMG's solderless installation system makes swapping out pickups effortless for any guitarist. The set is topped off with EMG's black nickel covers for a stealthy look that matches Hetfield's own instruments. Having been used on countless hit songs and albums, EMG pickups are a proven choice for pros and amateurs alike. The JH Set brings that same pedigree directly to your guitar.

A Familiar Yet Unique Sound

While the JH Set was designed to capture Hetfield's signature tone, it produces a sound all its own. The oversized coils and choice of magnets give these pickups a voice recognizably in the EMG family but distinct from the 81/85 set or EMG's other offerings. Roll back the gain for bluesy leads or crank your amp for metal mayhem. However you play, the EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set lets your guitar truly scream.

Road-Tested and Ready to Rock

After years of tweaking and refining to match Hetfield's exacting standards, the EMG JH Set is ready to take on any stage or studio challenge. Its high output, articulate tone, and premium components are built to withstand intense performances night after night. For any guitarist chasing huge rhythm tones and blistering lead sounds, the EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set delivers.

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  • New sounding and looking
  • Individual poles and bobbins
  • Enlarged core
  • More percussive attack
  • Higher output
  • Fuller low-end response
  • Black Nickel plated finish
  • Solderless installation

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