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The EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup, brought to you by EMG Pickups. This high-output pickup is designed to deliver blistering tone and incredible sustain, enabling guitarists to unlock their instrument's maximum tonal capabilities. Loaded with muscular ceramic magnets and close-aperture coils, the EMG-81 produces a fat, thunderous growl along with a searing metallic scream. Install this pickup in your guitar's bridge position and your solos will cut through even the densest mix. For a sound that pummels everything in its path, install the EMG-81 in both the neck and bridge positions.

Powerful Active Electronics Provide Endless Sonic Possibilities

The EMG-81 features EMG's renowned active electronics, which require a 9V battery to operate. These active electronics give the pickup a hot output and a noise-free performance, enabling you to achieve high amounts of overdrive and distortion without unwanted noise. The EMG-81's active circuitry also provides you with a wide range of tonal options to explore. Dial in a muscular growl with thunderous lows or a searing scream with sizzling highs and fluid sustain—the possibilities are endless with the EMG-81.

Ceramic Magnets and Close-Aperture Coils for Bone-Crushing Tone

The EMG-81 owes its bone-crushing tone to its dual ceramic bar magnets and close-aperture coils. The ceramic magnets give this pickup a quick attack and response with massive low-end punch, while the close-aperture coils enable the EMG-81 to pick up string vibrations with pinpoint accuracy. The end result is a pickup with tight, articulate bass, blistering highs, and sustain for days. Once you experience the tone of the EMG-81, you'll never want to go back.

Solderless Installation for Effortless Pickup Swapping

EMG pickups are renowned for their solderless installation, and the EMG-81 is no exception. The EMG-81 comes with all the parts you need to install the pickup without soldering, including quick-connect cables and output jacks. Swapping your pickups has never been easier thanks to EMG's solderless system. In just a few minutes you can install the EMG-81 and start unleashing its bone-crushing tone.

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  • Package includes:
  • EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cable
  • Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip set
  • Screws and springs

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  • Resonant Frequency (kHz): 2.00
  • Magnet Type: Ceramic/steel
  • Output Voltage (String): 2.0
  • Output Voltage (Strum): 4.5
  • Output Noise @ 60Hz: -91 dBV
  • Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Current @ 9V: 80 microamps
  • Battery Life: 3,000 hours
  • Maximum Supply: 27V DC