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The Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick lets you channel the iconic sound and style of Eddie Van Halen. Featuring artwork from Van Halen's legendary "Frankenstein" guitar, the world's most recognizable ax, these authentic Tortex picks provide the perfect combination of flexibility, memory, and durability that EVH demands. Whether you're performing live or recording in the studio, the Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick helps you achieve the tone and technique of a virtuoso.

Iconic Look, Legendary Tone

With artwork sourced directly from Eddie Van Halen's iconic "Frankenstein" guitar, the Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick looks as legendary as it sounds. Its custom print celebrates the world's most famous guitar and the pioneering style of its creator. Beneath the one-of-a-kind graphics, you'll find the same Tortex material trusted by top guitarists everywhere for its unmatched flexibility, memory, and durability.

Flexibility and Control

The Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick provides the flexibility and control required for Van Halen's innovative tapping techniques and precise articulation. Its Tortex material has just the right amount of give to facilitate intricate solos and a firmness that provides immediate responsiveness. The .73 mm gage delivers pinpoint accuracy for crystal-clear harmonics and definition.

Built to Last

Like Eddie Van Halen's music, the Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick is built to stand the test of time. Tortex is one of the most durable pick materials and provides long-lasting memory and shape retention. You can perform all night without losing the pick's point or the crisp attack that shaped Van Halen's groundbreaking sound. The Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick lets you channel a legend show after show.

Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick - .73mm
Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick - .73mm
Dunlop EVH Tortex Pick - .73mm

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  • The world’s most iconic guitar finish
  • Authentic Tortex picks
  • Exceptional memory and durability
  • Flexibility that’s just right