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Dunlop's 215 Heavy Weight bottleneck slide is a premium slide crafted to inspire. Made of high-quality, heat-treated borosilicate glass that's been annealed for strength and flawlessness, this heavy slide weighs just enough to provide sustain and richness of tone. Its dimensions suit most guitarists comfortably. The 215 slide produces a warm, thick tone that accentuates the middle harmonics, allowing for an expressive range of sounds. Guitar players seeking to expand their technique and take their craft to new heights will find an able companion in the 215 Heavy Weight bottleneck slide.

Heavy Yet Balanced for Sustain

The 215 slide's thicker glass and wider dimensions give it enough heft to produce a singing sustain, while still feeling balanced and controllable. Guitarists can achieve a meaty, resonant tone for emotive solos and melodies.

Flawless, Durable Construction

Made of high-quality, borosilicate glass that's been heat-treated and annealed, the 215 slide achieves a flawless construction that stands up to regular use. Its durable, slick surface allows for smooth travel over strings.

Comfortable Fit

With dimensions sized for most guitarists' fingers, the 215 slide provides a comfortable fit for expressive playing over long periods. Its inner diameter allows for a snug yet mobile fit over the finger.

Enhances Tone and Harmonics

The 215 slide produces a warm, thick tone that accentuates the middle harmonics. Guitarists can achieve a range of tones from rounded and resonant to sharp and articulate. The slide enhances natural harmonics for a dimensional, nuanced sound.