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If you've ever showed up to a music gig early and caught the band's sound check, you might've noticed the drummer continually hitting his or her snare over and over, until someone behind the mixing console gives them a thumbs up. There's a reason this occurs. Drums require careful listening and a good ear when they're being mic'd, especially when more than 1 mic is being used. But with a quality drum amplifier, it can be a lot simpler and easier than you think. You don't have to play large concert halls and arenas to justify the purchase of a drum amplifier. Whether you're a professional in the business, or a weekend basement jammer, the addition of a drum amplifier to your collection of gear can really give you that extra bit of power you're looking for. The only real trick is to ensure that you're buying one of the utmost quality; tried and tested by experts who are as meticulous about a great drum sound as you are. Today that isn't a problem, thanks to the massive range of first rate manufacturers who specialize in just that.

From Yamaha and Roland to Simmons and KAT. All these brands along with many others offer top quality drum amplifiers that will surely take your hard hitting playing to new heights of perfection. For all the volume you need, look no further than the Simmons DA200S electronic drum set monitor. Whether you're playing live or in the studio, this 100-watt low-frequency amp provides a full stereo field to position your drums at their exact sonic locations. For smaller spaces, the KA1 Digital Drum Amplifier from KAT Percussion is the idea choice. This amp is tailored specifically for digital drums, and the large carry handle makes it easy to transport. Drummers are picky enough when it comes to how their gear sounds. But when amplification is used, their critical ear is boosted in more ways than one. You need to be sure that when your drums are amplified, they still maintain the accurate tone you worked hard to achieve in the first place. In these cases, a first-class drum amplifier could easily make the difference between a drum that's buried underneath guitar, and a crisp, clear boost in power that not only amplifies both your drums, but your talent as well.